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June 2022

Social pretend play entry behaviors of preschoolers with and without impaired hearing

Author(s): Brown, P. M., Rickards, F. W.

Journal/Book: J Early Intervention. 1996; 20: 1920 Association Dr, Reston, VA 22091-1589. Council Exceptional Children. 52-64.

Abstract: This study identifies the behaviors used by children with impaired hearing (n = 12) and their peers with normal hearing (n = 30) to enter social pretend play in the home corner area of an integrated kindergarten. Entry behaviors and group responses were coded from videotaped observations during free play sessions. Results showed that both groups of children had a similar rate of entry attempts; predominantly used single, rather than strings of entry behaviors; used a similar range of entry behaviors; and made more frequent use of, and experienced the greatest success with, indirect entry behaviors. Compared to their peers with normal hearing, children with impaired hearing predominantly used 3 entry behaviors, used primarily nonverbal versions; experienced success with only a few entry behaviors, and tended to be less persistent Implications for early intervention programs are discussed.

Note: Article PM Brown, Univ Melbourne, Dept Learning Assessment & Special Educ, Deafness Studies Unit, Parkville, Vic 3052, Australia


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