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June 2022

Matrilineal system of Nayars of Kerala

Journal/Book: Man India. 1996; 76: 18 Church Road, Patna RANCHI-834 0, India. Man India Pub. 173-180.

Abstract: The Nayars of Kerala have got a conspicuous tradition of matrilineal system which have been intermingled with their variegated facets of life and philosophy. The author has tried, in this paper, to pin-point the nature, trend and cause of development of this particular system in the background of the historical study of the Nayar community and the region of living. Nayar polyandry has also been analysed here and this particular phenomenon has been given significant importance in finding out the role and status of matrilineal system through the ages. The system of inheritance among the Nayars and their earliest patterns of marriage have been analysed in a parallel standpoint through the putting forward of age-old customs and tradition-bound ritualistic performances. Owing to the direct impact of certain enactment the traditional Nayar social system has faced certain changes which have made conspicuous reformation of family law, legalization of the partition of joint family properties, weakening of the Tarawad property and the like causing the crushing down of the traditional structure of the society.

Note: Article D Renjini, Devaki Bhavan Tc 16-1604, Trivandrum 695014, Kerala, India

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