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May 2022

The effects of researcher precautions on perceptions of the ethicality of unobtrusive field experiments

Author(s): Baker, G., Goldberg, S. J.

Journal/Book: J Psychol. 1996; 130: 1319 Eighteenth St NW, Washington, DC 20036-1802. Heldref Publications. 321-327.

Abstract: The effects of stating researchers' precautions on perceptions about the ethicality of questionable studies were examined. The studies used were by West, Gunn, and Chernicky (1975) and by Middlemist, Knowles, and Matter (1976). The first study was generally evaluated more favorably than the second study. Women viewed the West et al. study more negatively than did men, regardless of precautionary information. Most important, precautionary information enhanced men's, but not women's evaluations of the Middlemist et al. study. Implications of these results for ethical decision making, publication policy, and the image of the profession are noted.

Note: Article RA Reeves, Augusta Coll, Dept Psychol, Augusta, GA 30904 USA


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