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May 2022

Children's auditory perception of movement of traffic sounds

Author(s): Barnecutt, P.

Journal/Book: Child Care Health Develop. 1996; 22: Osney Mead, Oxford, Oxon, England OX2 0EL. Blackwell Science Ltd. 129-137.

Abstract: This study examined children's auditory perception of traffic sounds focusing on identification of vehicle movement. Children in three age groups (5 years, 8 years and 11 years) were presented with recorded sounds of a car approaching, passing and going away from the listener. The auditory perception of movement was identified as a problem area for children, particularly younger children. The number of correctly identified vehicle sounds was found to significantly increase with age. Age differences in some aspects of auditory perception of vehicle movement were more noted than others. Identification of an approaching vehicle was the most difficult task for the Ei-year-olds. The role of the attention-demanding characteristics of some traffic sounds and their correct identification was discussed, approaching vehicles catching the attention much later in the stimulus array than passing or receding vehicles. The implications of the results for road safety training were discussed.

Note: Article K Pfeffer, Univ Humberside, Dept Psychol, Inglemire Ave, Kingston Hull HU6 7LU, N Humberside, England

Keyword(s): auditory perception; movement identification; traffic sounds; ACCIDENTS

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