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July 2022

The creative identity: Creative behavior from the symbolic interactionist perspective

Journal/Book: J Creative Behav. 1996; 30: 1050 Union Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224. Creative Educ Foundation Inc. 188-196.

Abstract: This paper outlines a framework for understanding the motivation of certain creative behaviors from the perspective of symbolic interactionism. The fundamental tenets of symbolic interactionism are described, followed by a discussion of the mechanics of symbolic interactionist-based role-identity theory, and how the theory can be applied to the motivation of creative behavior. The paper also addresses directions for practical application and future research in this area.

Note: Article E Petkus, Boise State Univ, Dept Mkt & Finance, 1910 Univ Dr, Boise, ID 83725 USA

Keyword(s): SELF

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