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June 2023

External psi influence on ESP task performance

Journal/Book: J Parapsychol. 1996; 60: PO Box 6847, College Station, Durham, NC 27708. Parapsychology Press. 193-210.

Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to determine if an exceptional psi subject, Malcolm Bessent, could remotely influence the performance of another subject (the influencee) on the ''ESPerciser'' computer game. The experiment consisted of 8 sessions, each of which contained ten 10-trial runs. Bessent's task was to make the influencee score higher on targets with a white background than on those with a colored background, or vice versa. The influencee was misinformed that Bessent would try to make her score high on some runs and low on others, irrespective of background. For half the sessions, Bessent actively tried to exert influence while observing the game over a video monitor; for the other half he merely hoped for the correct outcome while engaging in other activities. The Bessent influence effect occurred only in the latter condition. Several alternatives for the psi source of this effect are discussed. The fact that the effect was suggestively stronger on precognition runs reinforces the designation of Bessent as the principal source. The results are interpreted as providing support for the experimenter psi hypothesis.

Note: Article Palmer J, Inst Parapsychol, 402 N Buchanan Blvd, Durham,NC 27701 USA

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