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May 2022

Culture and child behavior and psychosocial development

Author(s): Harwood, R. L.

Journal/Book: J Develop Behav Pediat. 1996; 17: 351 West Camden St, Baltimore, MD 21201-2436. Williams & Wilkins. 191-198.

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the relationship between cultural beliefs, values, practices, behavior, and psychosocial development. A framework for analyzing this relationship is presented, illustrated with studies from the cross-cultural literature. We then present a review of the literature concerning the cultural influences on one specific behavioral issue, temperament. We conclude with a critical discussion of the unique methodological issues encountered in the study of child behavior and psychosocial development in a crosscultural and/or culturally diverse perspective.

Note: Article LM Pachter, St Francis Hosp & Med Ctr, Dept Pediat, Ctr Childrens Hlth & Dev, 114 Woodland St, Hartford, CT 06105 USA

Keyword(s): culture; ethnic groups; child development; psychosocial behavior; TEMPERAMENT; FAMILIES; ANGLO

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