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December 2022

Hearing children's attitudes towards deafness

Journal/Book: J Brit Assn Teach Deaf. 1996; 20: 50 Topsham Road, Exeter Bolton, England EX2 4NF. Royal School for the Deaf. 83-89.

Abstract: This paper outlines a small scale study looking at the knowledge and attitudes towards deafness of children with normal hearing. A total of 30 Year 6 pupils were interviewed across 3 schools. Questions focused on three areas; contact with deaf people, causes of deafness, and attitudes towards deafness. Tape recorded interviews formed the basis for the results and discussions outlined in this paper. If was found that integration, in itself did not necessarily lead to more positive attitudes or a better knowledge of deafness, on the part of hearing children. In fact the opposite was the case in many instances. It is hoped that this study will stimulate further larger scale research over a wider range of educational settings. In this way, an important issue can be addressed and its implications for integration highlighted.

Note: Article R Owers, Derbyshire Serv Hearing, Impaired Children, Derby, England

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