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January 2022

[Polytypic species Mus musculus in Transcaucasia]

Author(s): Lyapunova, E., Kandaurov, A., Boissinot, S., Boursot, P., Vorontsov, N., Bonhomme, F.

Journal/Book: C R Acad Sci III. 1996; 319: 435-41.

Abstract: It has been suggested that the house mouse, Mus musculus, is a polytypic species that originated in the northern part of the Indian sub-continent. Its subspecies have established secondary contact zones in east-centre China and in western Europe. However, the exact colonization routes taken by these subtaxa and their regions of primary differentiation have not yet been identified. We analyzed 89 mice from Transcaucasia at 35 enzyme loci and for polymorphism of the mitochondrial control region and a deletion of the Y chromosome. The various samples analyzed are a mosaic of populations intermediates between M. m. domesticus and M. m. musculus. Trancaucasia appears thus as a broad secondary contact zone, a fact which reinforces the idea that the species has retained large possibilities of remixing.

Note: [L'espece polytypique Mus musculus en Transcaucasie.]

Keyword(s): Muridae [genetics]

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