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January 2022

Human-computer enmeshment - Identity diffusion through mastery

Author(s): Walters, G. T.

Journal/Book: Soc Sci Comput Rev. 1996; 14: 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320. Sage Science Press. 144-156.

Abstract: This article examines a particular kind of compulsive computing behavior, absorption of the user in the quest to maximize computational capabilities. The premise of the study is derived from the concept of workmanship, the systems therapeutic analysis of role enmeshment, and the recent social psychological literature on the notion of mastery. It is argued that excessive computer involvement is a reflection of the struggle to shape the material domain in accord with one's inner style. The authors attempted to identify the dynamics underlying computer enmeshment. It was concluded that computing is an artful, intriguing, engrossing, and, paradoxically, identity diffusing activity. This was interpreted in terms of a process whereby the self devolves into a construction of entangled human-computer interactions.

Note: Article Orleans M, Calif State Univ Fullerton, Fullerton,CA 92634 USA

Keyword(s): computer addiction; human-computer interaction; enmeshment; identity diffusion; STYLE; SYSTEM; MODEL

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