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January 2022

Associations between 3-year-olds' narrative co-constructions with mothers and fathers and their story completions about affective themes

Author(s): Emde, R. N., Wamboldt, F. S.

Journal/Book: Early Development Parenting. 1996; 5: Baffins Lane, Chichester, W Sussex, England PO19 1UD. John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 149-160.

Abstract: Oral narratives are important developmental attainments for young children, and they provide them with a new mode for organizing personal experience. Narratives are not only individual constructions, however; they are also shaped and transformed by parent-child transactions. In this study the relations between mother- and father-child co-constructions of a narrative involving emotional themes and the emotional organization of children's narratives obtained using the MacArthur Story-Stem Battery (MSSB) were investigated. The results showed associations between both mother- and father-child co-constructions and children's MSSB narratives. In addition, the findings highlighted the dyadic aspects of co-constructions and the importance of taking into consideration children's co-constructions with both parents.

Note: Article Oppenheim D, Univ Haifa, Dept Psychol, IL-31905 Haifa, ISRAEL

Keyword(s): narrative; coconstruction; parent-child interaction; emotional development; CHILDREN; CONVERSATIONS; ATTACHMENT

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