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May 2022

Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of psychoactive substances (F1) - Results from the ICD-10 field trial of the Diagnostic Criteria for Research in German-speaking countries

Author(s): Dilling, H., Dittmann, V., Meszaros, K.

Journal/Book: Psychopathology. 1996; 29: Allschwilerstrasse 10, CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland. Karger. 274-279.

Abstract: Tile results of the ICD-10 Diagnostic Criteria for Research (DCR) field trial in German-speaking countries concerning section F1 (mental and behavioural disorders due to use of psychoactive substances) show a comparatively sufficient level of acceptance. The subjective assessment of the diagnostic process and the chance-corrected interrater reliability (kappa = 0.70) are below average hut quite acceptable, which is possibly due to the study design as well as the high comorbidity of disorders in this field. However. interrater reliability based an the strictly defined operationalized criteria of the DCR improved markedly compared to earlier ICD-10 field trials in German-speaking countries.

Note: Article H Mussigbrodt, Univ Lubeck, Dept Psychiat & Psychotherapy, Ratzeburger Allee 160, D-23538 Lubeck, Germany

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