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June 2022

Stereotyped behaviors in deaf and hard of hearing children

Journal/Book: Amer Ann Deaf. 1996; 141: Kdes PAS-6, 800 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002. American Annals of the Deaf. 379-386.

Abstract: Stereotyped behaviors frequently cause anxiety to parents and educators, and behaviors that appear stereotyped may prompt negative reactions. There has been little research on whether deaf or hard of hearing children display such behaviors. This study surveyed 390 students aged 3-24 years attending 3 residential schools for the deaf and hard of hearing in the United Kingdom. At least 1 additional disability was reported in 79% of the students. The main findings were that: deaf and hard of hearing children without additional disabilities did not show apparently stereotyped behaviors; approximately 35% of children with additional disabilities did show such behaviors; some disabilities, in addition to hearing loss, were more likely than others to be associated with stereotyped behaviors. Implications of these findings for further research are considered with a view toward making recommendations for educational practice.

Note: Article Murdoch H, Univ Birmingham, Sch Educ, Birmingham B15 2TT, W Midlands, ENGLAND


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