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January 2022

Research into the lifeworld of physically disabled children

Journal/Book: Child Care Health Develop. 1996; 22: Osney Mead, Oxford, Oxon, England OX2 0EL. Blackwell Science Ltd. 311-322.

Abstract: This article presents a phenomenological study of the experiences of physically disabled children. The research focuses on elementary school aged children not suffering from additional intellectual disability. In previous research we noticed just how often the children we observed are considered and discussed from the point of view of professional expertise. There is, for instance, the medical account of the disorder, the paramedical view concerning the treatment of the physical limitations and the educational and psychological approach to learning disabilities. Our research aims to highlight the perspective of the disabled child him- or herself. We let the children speak for themselves on their three 'favourite' subjects: on their bodies, on friends and on parents and experts.

Note: Article KJ Mulderij, Univ Utrecht, Fac Social Sci, Postbox 80140, NL-3508 Tc Utrecht, Netherlands

Keyword(s): exceptional children; motor disabled children; physical handicaps; cerebral palsy; spina bifida

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