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June 2022

Acoustic trauma caused by lightning

Author(s): Colladocorona, M. A., Toralmartinon, R., Cano, A.

Journal/Book: Int J Ped Otorhinolaryngol. 1996; 35: Customer Relations Manager, Bay 15, Shannon Industrial, Estate Co, Clare, Ireland. Elsevier Sci Publ Ireland Ltd. 59-68.

Abstract: Lesions produced by exposure to noise are frequent in everyday life. Injuries may be found in all systems of the human body, from the digestive to the endocrine, from the cardiovascular to the nervous system. Many organs may be damaged, the ear being one of them. It is known that noise produced by factories, airports, musical instruments and even toys can cause auditory loss. Noises in nature can also cause acoustic trauma. This report is the case history of acoustic trauma caused by lightning. The patient was studied with CAT scan, electroencephalogram, and brain mapping? impedance audiometry with tympanogram and acoustic reflex, audiometry and evoked otoacoustics emissions: distortion products and transients.

Note: Article I Moramagana, Inst NaCl Pediat, Dept Audiol, Insurgentes sur 3700-C, Coyoacan 04530, DF, Mexico

Keyword(s): acoustic trauma; noise-induced hearing loss; evoked otoacoustic emissions; lightning; EVOKED OTOACOUSTIC EMISSIONS; SENSORINEURAL HEARING-LOSS; NOISE; CONCERT; AGE

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