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January 2022

The effects of music listening on changes in selected physiological parameters in adult pre-surgical patients

Author(s): Matejek, M., Stupnicki, R.

Journal/Book: J Music Therapy. 1996; 33: 505 11TH St Se, Washington, DC 20003. Natl Assn Music Ther Inc. 208-218.

Abstract: The study was aimed at evaluating the effects of music an selected physiological responses of 100 in-patients (72 men and 28 women), aged 20 to 60 years, awaiting non-orthopedic surgery Patients were randomly assigned to two groups (50 patients per group); control (C) and music listening (M). In the morning of the day preceding surgery, the first measures (arterial pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, skin temperature, and glucose count) and blood samples were taken. The patient was then told about the surgical procedure, Subsequent measures and blood samples were taken every 20 minutes for a total period of I ht. During this time, patients in Group M listened to individually composed music programs from Walkman-type tape players, Information about surgical procedure proved to be a potent stressor as evidenced by highly significant (p < 0.001) percent changes in arterial pressure (systolic-by 6.6%, diasiolic-5.7%, and mean pressure-6.2%), heart rate (15.7%), cardiac output (14.0%), skin temperature (2.3%), and glucose (24.2%). At the end of the I hr period, mean values for all variables returned to initial values for patients in the music listening group, while values for the control group remained at about the stressor-induced levels, The total nan-invasiveness of music listening makes this method of reducing preoperative stress particularly attractive.

Note: Article B Milukkolasa, Modern Sch Mus, 128 Spruce St, W Hempstead, NY 11552 USA

Keyword(s): STRESS

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