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June 2023

Differences in the effect of Pavlovian contingencies upon behavioral momentum using auditory versus visual stimuli

Author(s): Mace, F. C.

Journal/Book: J Exp Anal Behav. 1996; 65: Indiana Univ, Dept Psychology, Bloomington, IN 47405. Soc Exp Analysis Behavior Inc. 389-399.

Abstract: We examined the role of Pavlovian and operant relations in behavioral momentum by arranging response-contingent alternative reinforcement in one component of a three-component multiple concurrent schedule with rats. This permitted the simultaneous arranging of different response-reinforcer (operant) and stimulus-reinforcer (Pavlovian) contingencies during three baseline conditions. Auditory or visual stimuli were used as discriminative stimuli within the multiple concurrent schedules. Resistance to change of a target response was assessed during a single session of extinction following each baseline condition. The rate of the rat-get response during baseline varied inversely with the rate of response-contingent reinforcement derived from a concurrent source, regardless of whether the discriminative stimuli were auditory or visual. Resistance to change of the target response, however, did depend on the discriminative-stimulus modality. Resistance to change in the presence of visual stimuli was a positive function of the Pavlovian contingencies, whereas resistance to change was unrelated to either the operant or Pavlovian contingencies when the discriminative stimuli were auditory. Stimulus salience may be a factor in determining the differences in resistance to change across sensory modalities.

Note: Article BC Mauro, Abramson Pediat Res Ctr, Anim Learning Lab, 34TH & Civ Ctr Blvd, Room 502, Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA

Keyword(s): behavioral momentum; resistance to extinction; alternative reinforcement; multiple concurrent schedules; salience; lever press; rats; RESISTANCE

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