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June 2023

Natural history of otitis media with effusion

Journal/Book: Med Mal Infec. 1996; 26: 22-24 Rue du Chateau Rentiers, 75013 Paris, France. Soc Francaise Edition Med. 49-52.

Abstract: Otitis media with effusion is frequent in children, the prevalence being maximal in children 3 years of age (11 to 20%). These episodes of otitis media with effusion are usually brief, 90% of them resolving spontaneously into 2-4 months. The prolonged cases of otitis media with effusion or effusion still present in children aged 7-8 years are the more often at risk of complications (hearing loss, retraction pocket).

Note: Article Y Manach, Hop Necker Enfants Malad, Serv ORL, 149 Rue Sevres, F-75743 Paris 15, France

Keyword(s): otitis media with effusion; hearing loss; retraction pocket; cholesteatoma; EPIDEMIOLOGY; CHILDREN

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