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January 2022

A visual model and knowledge of performance as sources of information for learning a rhythmic gymnastics skill

Author(s): Schoenfelderzohdi, B.

Journal/Book: Int J Sport Psychol. 1996; 27: Via Panama 68, 00198 Rome, Italy. Edizioni Luigi Pozzi. 7-22.

Abstract: Visual demonstration and knowledge of performance (KP) were investigated interactively by providing subjects with either an expert model demonstration or detailed vel bal instructions of a rhythmic gymnastics rope skill, and were given either KP or no KP. Female subjects (N = 48) practiced for 54 trials on one day followed by 20 transfer trials on the next day. The interactive influence on learning of the model and KP was assessed in two ways. First, a performance score indicated how well the skill was performed. Results based on this measure showed that the combination of observing a model and receiving KP provided no additional advantage over either observing a model and not receiving KP or receiving KP and not observing a model. Second the type of KP information required was assessed for subjects in the model and no model conditions who received KP. Results of this assessment revealed that subjects who observed the model needed less KP about body and limb coordination features of the skill than subjects who did not observe the model, but needed more KP about characteristics of handling the rope. The results of this experiment support the hypothesis that observing a model provides information that facilitates the development of appropriate coordination patterns required to perform a complex motor skill.

Note: Article RA Magill, Louisiana State Univ, Dept Kinesiol, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 USA

Keyword(s): modeling; motor skill learning; rhythmic gymnastics; ACQUISITION

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