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May 2022

The ''FKB-20'', a new body image questionnaire - Literature review, description and validation

Author(s): Clement, U.

Journal/Book: Diagnostica. 1996; 42: Rohnsweg 25, D-37085 Gottingen, Germany. Hogrefe-Verlag GmbH & Co. 352-376.

Abstract: Based on empirical studies on body image, the construction and psychometric properties of the ''Fragebogen zum Korperbild (FKB-20)''(Body Image Questionnaire FKB-20) are described. Factor analysis reveals two dimensions of the FKB-20: a negative evaluation of the body, and a positive perception of the body dynamics. Cross-validation of its two-factorial structure showed a high stability across one clinical and two nonclinical sample populations: patients from a unit for psychosomatic medicine (n=405), medical students (n=141) and sports students (n=208). In the patient sample, the correlation between the two scales is r=-.29 and the internal consistency is r((alpha))=.84 for both scales. Patients with body image disorders (anorexia, n=31; transsexualism, n=29; hypochondriac symptoms, n=40) differ significantly from the two nonclinical samples and from the rest of the patients. The average error rate is 6.6%. The results show that the FKB-20 is a reliable and valid inventory to assess body image disorders in clinical and nonclinical settings.

Note: Article Lowe B, Univ Heidelberg, Psychosomat Klin, Thibautstr 2, D-69115 Heidelberg, GERMANY

Keyword(s): body image; literature review; questionnaires; factor structure; test validity; ANOREXIA-NERVOSA; EATING DISORDERS; DISTURBANCE; EXPERIENCE; PERCEPTION; WOMEN; ATTRACTIVENESS; PERSONALITY; DISTORTION; SCALE

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