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January 2022

On the multiple realities of leisure; A phenomenological approach to the otherness of leisure

Journal/Book: Loisir Soc-Soc Leisure. 1996; 19: 2875 Boulevard Laurier, St Foy Pq G1V 2M3, Canada. Presses Univ Quebec. 23-40.

Abstract: The point of departure in this article is that human beings are fundamentally unable to know or understand objective reality in its entirety. Reality is seen here as an intersubjective and limited construction. The relevance of the notion of an intersubjective and limited reality to the understanding of leisure activities is that aspects of the obvious, ''natural'' attitude towards everyday life are put into brackets. Leisure offers opportunities outside the dominant reality of everyday life that put standard notions of time, mastery, space, truth and social relations into parenthesis. The rationalization of our everyday life and ''disenchantment'' with the religious-metaphysical world has left leisure as an increasingly articulated domain of action. Because rationalization is linked to the production system, we are inclined to define this leisure domain as ''non-work'', but this definition fails to include the more fundamental meaning of the otherness of leisure.

Note: Article VS-Card J Lengkeek, Wageningen Univ Agr, Ctr Recreat & Tourism Studies, Dept Sociol, Hollandseweg 1, NL-6706 Kn Wageningen, Netherlands

Keyword(s): TOURISM

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