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May 2022

Varieties of relaxation methods and their unique effects

Journal/Book: Int J Stress Management. 1996; 3: 233 Spring St, New York, NY 10013-1578. Human Sci Press Inc. 1-15.

Abstract: This paper reviews literature on specific effects of various relaxation methods, and of differences between varieties of two widely-used (and widely modified) methods: progressive relaxation and autogenic training. There is considerable evidence for modality-specific effects. Muscularly-oriented methods have the greatest effects on the musculoskeletal system, autonomically-oriented methods on the autonomic nervous system, etc. Modified methods of Jacobson's progressive relaxation technique have a greater cognitive and less muscular focus than Jacobson's original method, and Norris and Fahrion's autogenic feedback training de-emphasizes hypnotic components of autogenic training compared with Schultz and Luthe's original method. Hypotheses are presented regarding differential effects of these modifications on clinical outcome, on their appeal and usefulness to individuals with various personality profiles, and on possible negative side effects.

Note: Article PM Lehrer, Univ Med & Dent New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Med Sch, 675 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA

Keyword(s): progressive relaxation; autogenic training; hypnosis; absorption; biofeedback; meditation; PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION; MUSCLE TENSION; BIOFEEDBACK

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