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May 2022

Auditory comprehension problems in aphasia from the perspective of aphasic persons and their families and friends

Author(s): Brassard, C., Larfeuil, C., Allaire, J.

Journal/Book: Disabil Rehabil. 1996; 18: One Gundpowder Square, London, England EC4A 3DE. Taylor & Francis Ltd. 550-558.

Abstract: This study explored with a qualitative approach the experience df auditory comprehension problems from the perspective aphasic persons and their families and friends. Semi-structured group interviews were held with 55 persons (29 aphasic and 26 non-aphasic) who were asked to describe the consequences of aphasia on their lives. Most participants contributed some material to the topic of interest. They described problematic situations, and the behaviours they said they adopted at those times; they also provided explanations of what their problems were. Some discrepancies between aphasic persons and their families and friends were also noted. The essential elements of the experience of an auditory comprehension problem centre around speakers' rate of speech and situations in which aphasic persons feel they are incapable of understanding or of following because of an unfavourable environment.

Note: Article LeDorze G, Univ Montreal, Equipe Rech Orthophonie, CP 6128, Succ Ctr Ville, Montreal, PQ H3C 3J7, CANADA

Keyword(s): ICIDH; aphasia; comprehension

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