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January 2022

The Dilemma of Uniqueness An Essay on Consciousness and Qualities

Journal/Book: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy. 1996; 5: 87-96.

Abstract: This essay provides a further elaboration of theoretical ideas developed in the Field of Play (1989), which offers a description of the creative process of music therapy. It employs the literary/philosophical method of "metaphor" to help in the understanding of consciousness, one of the fundamental aspects of the discourse on our work. It suggests the notion of "qualities", their overall significance and their function in developing our aesthetic experience.

Note: Carolyn Kenny Ph.D., MTA/CMT worked clinically in music therapy for twenty-five years. She now focuses on research, on building a graduate education for Music Therapy in Canada and on creative writing. She also teaches and developes her interest in cultural studies, particularly multicultural counseling. She is currently preparing a second edition of her first book, The Mythic Artery, which was originally published in 1982. In 1995 she edited a collection of essays from colleagues entitled Listening, Playing, Creating: Essays on the Power of Sound. She also wrote The Field of Play: A Guide for the Theory and Practice of Music Therapy (1989), and several other articles and stories, which have been published. Address: Carolyn Kenny, #193-1917 West Fourth Ave., Vancouver, B.C., V6J 1M7, Canada. Phone/fax: (+1) 604-731-0925. E-mail: [email protected]

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