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June 2022

Brainstem auditory evoked potentials in patients with ischemic heart disease

Author(s): Kounis, N. G., Zavras, G. M., Kitrou, M. P., Goudevenos, J. A., Papadaki, P. J., Koutsojannis, C. M.

Journal/Book: Laryngoscope. 1996; 106: 10 S Broadway, 14TH Floor, St Louis, MO 63102-1741. Laryngoscope Co. 54-57.

Abstract: The authors of this study used the method of increased stimulus rate on brainstem auditory evoked potentials (BAEPs) in 30 patients with ischemic heart disease (LHD) and in an equal number of healthy age-matched control subjects. The BAEPs were recorded using 100- to 3000-Hz alternating polarity clicks at a rate of 22.6 per second. Measurements included the absolute latencies of waves I through V, the interpeak latencies I-III, III-V, and I-V, and the peak amplitudes of peaks I, III, and V. The measured absolute latencies and interpeak latencies were found to be significantly increased, and the peak amplitudes were found to be diminished. The audiometric tests revealed no significant hearing loss in IHD patients. This study is the first to demonstrate prolongation of BAEPs in IHD patients. BAEP recording may become an additional noninvasive tool for detecting IHD patients with impaired microcirculation.

Note: Article NG Kounis, 7 Aratou St, Queen Olgas Sq, GR-26221 Patrai, Greece


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