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May 2022

Understanding the audiences of a health communication campaign: A discriminant analysis of potential organ donors based on intent to donate

Author(s): Smith, S. W.

Journal/Book: J Appl Commun Res. 1996; 24: 5105 Backlick Rd, Annandale, VA 22003. Speech Communication Assn. 33-49.

Abstract: There is a great need for health communication campaigns that increase the number of individuals who carry signed and witnessed organ donor cards. This article describes one preliminary phase of such a campaign in which three target audiences are identified within the larger population. A discriminant analysis of five relevant variables showed that individuals who have a signed organ donor card have a high level of knowledge about organ donation, are rather altruistic, and do not believe that signing a donor card is a fearful activity. Individuals who are high in intent to sign organ donor cards (but have not done so) have limited knowledge about donation and a positive attitude toward organ donation, but they may find that signing a donor card is a fearful activity. Those who are low in intent to donate tend to have inaccurate knowledge, are not overly altruistic, and feel that signing a donor card would be quite frightening. Effective design of health campaigns depends on an accurate and thorough audience analysis. Recommendations for developing effective campaign messages for different target audiences in an organ donor campaign are provided.

Note: Article JE Kopfman, Univ Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721 USA

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