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January 2022

Long-term effect of perinatal and postnatal asphyxia on developing human auditory brainstem responses: Brainstem impairment

Author(s): Tierney, T. S.

Journal/Book: Int J Ped Otorhinolaryngol. 1996; 34: Customer Relations Manager, Bay 15, Shannon Industrial, Estate Co, Clare, Ireland. Elsevier Sci Publ Ireland Ltd. 111-127.

Abstract: Long-term effect of perinatal and postnatal asphyxia on the developing auditory brainstem was investigated in children, particularly those who exhibited residual neurodevelopmental deficits, by analyzing the central components of brainstem auditory evoked responses (BAER). The major abnormalities in the BAER were a reduction of wave V amplitude, followed by a decrease in V/I amplitude ratio, while abnormalities in interpeak intervals were relatively rare. These findings suggest that asphyxia could result in residual neural dysfunction of the brainstem but does not appear to exert any major long-term effect on neuronal transmission. BAER abnormalities occurred more frequently in the children with residual neurodevelopmental deficits than those without these deficits after perinatal asphyxia. The occurrence of BAER abnormalities was related to the duration as well as the degree of asphyxia. No significant difference was found in the abnormalities of the central BAER components between the children after perinatal asphyxia and those after postnatal asphyxia, suggesting that perinatal and postnatal asphyxia exerts a similar long-term effect on the developing central nervous system.

Note: Article ZD Jiang, Univ Oxford, Dept Physiol, Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3PT, England

Keyword(s): neurodevelopment; auditory development; brainstem auditory evoked response; asphyxia; children; STEM EVOKED-POTENTIALS; INDUCED NEURONAL LOSS; PURE-TONE AUDIOGRAM; COCHLEAR NUCLEUS; HEARING-LOSS; CAT; NEWBORN; BIRTH; THRESHOLDS; ADULTHOOD

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