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January 2022

Laterality patterns and visual-motor coordination of children

Author(s): Gabbard, C.

Journal/Book: Percept Mot Skills. 1996; 83: PO Box 9229, Missoula, MT 59807. Perceptual Motor Skills. 31-34.

Abstract: This study examined the association between laterality patterns of eye-hand and eye-foot described as congruent or cross-lateral, and visual-motor coordination skill (target throwing and kicking) by 606 4- to 6-yr.-olds. Speculation derived from contemporary reports of hand preference and motor coordination provided the hypothesis that persons exhibiting congruent patterns of eye and limb laterality such as right-eye and hand or right-eye and foot pattern would perform better than peers who exhibited other laterality patterns. To the contrary, this study yielded no significant differences in motor performance between groups with different patterns of preference. In view of past studies and present results, additional inquiry seems warranted before any consensus regarding the association between laterality and motor coordination can be established.

Note: Article C Gabbard, Texas A&M Univ, Dept Hlth & Kinesiol, Motor Dev Lab, College Stn, TX 77843 USA


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