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May 2022

Goals of individual therapy: Documentation on the outcome of inpatient psychotherapy from the viewpoint of patient and therapist

Author(s): Senf, W., Wagener, R., Pintelon, C., Lorenzen, J.

Journal/Book: Z Klin Psychol Psychiatr Psyc. 1996; 44: Postfach 2540, W-4790 Paderborn, Germany. Verlag Ferdinand Schoningh. 186-199.

Abstract: The results of a study evaluation in practicability of two newly developed documentation forms are presented. Examined are 82 inpatient treatment episodes in an already published clinical concept with different treatment settings. Parallel versions of the forms were completed by patients and therapists. The ''Erge-Doku-A-Form'' allows for the naming of up to five therapy goals determined at the beginning of therapy and evaluated in relation to their achieved quality at the end of therapy. The ''Erge-Doku-B-Form'' describes a variety of problem areas as well as questions related to medication and changes induced by therapy. Surprising there were a high number of 230 Individual Therapy Goals (ITG) by patients and 262 ITG by therapists which could be arranged into 89 content categories and 5 main categories. Outcome measurement shows different results. There was a significant relationship between the ''well-being'', the impression of ''satisfying treatment'' at the end of the inpatient period and ''success in the main ITG''. The documentation forms presented here allow an outcome-measurement depending on differential indications.

Note: Article G Heuft, Univ Essen Gesamthsch Klinikum, Kli Psychotherapie & Psychosomat, Virchowstr 174, D-45147 Essen, Germany

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