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January 2022

Differences in the auditory selective attention and vigilance performance of high and low child soroban achievers

Author(s): Hirose, T., Kawakami, A.

Journal/Book: Psychologia. 1996; 39: Dept Educ Psychol Fac Educ, Kyoto Univ, Kyoto 606, Japan. Psychologia Soc. 109-117.

Abstract: Abilities of auditory selective attention of high and low soroban achievers were compared in Experiment 1. Children listened to the tape in which three different persons recited different sentences, and were asked to detect only the sentence of the target person. The results indicated that high achievers show better selective attention at first, but low achievers reach the same level as that of high achievers after a certain period. In Experiment 2, the same task was repeated for approximately 25 minutes, and examined children's auditory vigilance abilities. The results revealed that high achievers can maintain superior vigilance to that of low achievers, and that low achievers show prominent variations in their performance. Based upon these findings, possible devices in teaching method were discussed.

Note: Article T Hatta, Nagoya Univ, Sch Informat & Sci, Dept Informat & Behav, Chikusa Ku, Furoh CHO, Nagoya, Aichi 46401, Japan


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