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January 2022

Music and the Brain

Journal/Book: Music Therapy International Report. 1996; 10: 96-99.

Abstract: A short presentation of research and clinical practice within the area of "Music and the Brain" or the psychoimmunology and neuroloy of music from 1970 till the present day - with references to the most important literature. "Conclusion: A knowledge of neuropsychology principles seems essential in the education of Musc Therapists at the basic level of training. Music therapists need to realize that all responses to music are activated through brain systems. In particular, an understanding of the client's background in music is essential. Future research needs to call on interdisciplinary efforts with neurologists and psychologists to explore the variability of music responses in people with brain impairments, and to increase our understanding of the relationship of music, memory, and emotion."

Note: Obligatorisk lęsning til kurset i musikpsykologi AAU. LOB 22.7.1996

Keyword(s): hemispheric processing. neurology of usic. Positron Emission Tomography (PET). psychoimmunology. Alzheimer. Stroke. Coma. dementia. GIM

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