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January 2022

Dissonance or self-perception: A new test with the double forced-compliance paradigm.

Journal/Book: Annee Psychol. 1996; 96: Dept Des Revues, 14, Avenue du Bois-de-L'Epine, B.P. 90, 91003 Evry, France. Presses Univ France. 275-289.

Abstract: This article presents a new test between a radical conception of cognitive dissonance theory - a hard core version of Festinger's theory - (Beauvois & Joule, 1981; Beauvois & Joule, 1996) and self-perception theory in a new double forced compliance situation. (Joule, 1991a, b). After surveying some essential information about theoretical and experimental results obtained in this field, two experiments are reported. In, the first experiment, subjects were led to perform a tedious task and, after completion, presented it negatively or positively. Consistent with the radical conception of Festinger's theory, subjects found the task more interesting after negative presentation than positive presentation. An interpersonal simulation (the second experiment) showed, moreover, that observers cannot anticipate attitude change of subjects in this double forced-compliance situation. We examine the implications of the establishment of the cognitive dissonance ratio in double forced compliance.

Note: Article F Girandola, Univ Franche Comte, Psychol Lab, 30-32 Rue Megevand, F-25000 Besancon, France

Keyword(s): cognitive dissonance; self-perception; double forced-compliance

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