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January 2022

Recording Technology in Music Therapy Implications for Documentation and Analysis

Journal/Book: Institut für Musiktherapie. 1996; 58448 Witten. Universitaet Witten/Herdecke. Diplom-Arbeit.

Abstract: The use of recording technology in music therapy has provided one of the main bases for the integration of objectivity and science into a field of therapy which shows an imbalance toward subjectivity and personal interpretation. It will be shown in this paper how the documentation of music therapy has developed and changed directly because of developments in, and integration of, recording technology. Audio and video recording possibilities will be assessed, along with the digitalisation of these two media, and it will be shown how the activities of music therapists have been significantly influenced by the integration of these new possibilities. The changes in the analytic procedures of music therapy brought about by the integration of the use of recording technology will then be studied. It will be concluded how the effects on ongoing therapeutic processes and post-analytic effects on future cases can be followed, supported and encouraged by a wider use of recording technology in music therapy.

Keyword(s): Aufnahmeverfahren [Audio, Video, Photographie], Analyse [techn./hörtechnische Kriterien], Hören [Aufnahmen], Multimediale Möglichkeiten

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