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January 2022

Research and practice: A reflexive and recursive relationship - Three narratives, five voices

Author(s): Chenail, R., Watson, W. L., Wright, L. M., Bell, J. M.

Journal/Book: Marriage Fam Rev. 1996; 24: 10 Alice St, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580. Haworth Press Inc. 275-295.

Abstract: In this multiply-authored account, five academicians discuss the connections between their work as clinicians and their clinical qualitative research. Each saw connections between practice and research, and each in her or his own domain of interest has found that practice informs research and research informs practice. This article also introduces three major types of qualitative clinical family research: conversational analysis, recursive frame analysis, and hermeneutic phenomenology.

Note: Article Gale J, Univ Georgia, Dept Child & Family Dev, Athens,GA 30602 USA

Keyword(s): qualitative research; practice and research; phenomenology; self reports; recursive frame analysis; hermeneutics

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