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January 2022

[Some useful basics of functional anatomy for a better understanding of the pain phenomenon]

Author(s): Vincey, P., Renard, J. C., Barnabe, D., Gal, M., Grollier, R.

Journal/Book: Rev Laryngol Otol Rhinol. 1996; 117: 75-8.

Abstract: Cannot simply be considered as a nociception phenomenon: it is more complex than a simple transmission system that conveys this information to the cerebral cortex. It is mainly a psychological event. Numerous regulating and inhibiting effects on incoming pain signals exist, for the most part located in spinal and thalamic areas; only half of these are morphine-dependent. Knowledge of these allows a better approach to chronic pain, using not only medication but also other techniques such as physiotherapy and music therapy analgesia.

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Keyword(s): English Abstract. Human. Nociceptors/anatomy & histology/physiology. Pain/physiopathology. Spinal Cord/anatomy & histology/physiology. Spinothalamic Tracts/anatomy & histology. Thalamus/anatomy & histology/physiology

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