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May 2022

Infant attachment and mother-child problem-solving: A replication

Author(s): Gauvain, M., Kavanagh, K.

Journal/Book: J Soc Person Relat. 1996; 13: 6 Bonhill Street, London, England EC2A 4PU. Sage Publications Ltd. 295-302.

Abstract: Associations between children's attachment classification at 18 months and behavior in a mother-child problem-solving task at 30 months were examined. The study partially replicated previous findings of Matas et al. and Frankel & Bates in terms of differences in maternal behaviors with children whose attachment classifications had differed 12 months earlier, Just as child behaviors did not show high levels of replication across the Matas et al. and Frankel & Bates studies, so child behaviors in this study did not replicate either study exactly.

Note: Article BI Fagot, Oregon Social Learning Ctr, 207 E 5TH Ave Suite 202, Eugene, OR 97401 USA

Keyword(s): attachment; early childhood; problem solving; 2ND YEAR; QUALITY

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