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May 2022

The interactive world of art explorer

Journal/Book: Innov Educ Train Int. 1996; 33: 120 Pentonville Rd, London, England N1 9JN. Kogan Page Ltd. 30-40.

Abstract: Art Explorer is the title of a multimedia program developed in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University. It aims to raise awareness of the interactive potential of multimedia for teaching and learning, and to provide usable examples of multimedia teaching applied to the study of paintings. Using Art Explorer as an example, this paper looks at the way interactive multimedia may be helpful in education by offering expert and novice a special quality of united experience that enables greater understanding. The discussion begins with a brief review of the design background of Art Explorer. It goes on to describe the range and quality of interaction that the program offers and illustrates how these relate to Art Explorer's teaching goals. Finally, it offers a theoretical perspective on the communicative potential of this approach to multimedia design (for a full discussion of cognition and the use of multimedia, see Laurillard, 1993).

Note: Article N Durbridge, Open Univ, Inst Educ Technol, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, Bucks, England

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