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January 2022

Scenic imagining of memory images. A group psychotherapeutic concept for the elderly

Author(s): Huffer, M.

Journal/Book: Psychotherapeut. 1996; 41: 175 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10010. Springer Verlag. 163-168.

Abstract: Considering that elderly people tend to put more emphasis on remembering than on working on the every day reality, the therapeutic value of meomories has been underestimated. Memory images are live situations retrieved out of the long term memory. Having been recorded by intense emotional experience and made unforgettable by countless rehearsing, they contain basic material of unconscious conflicts. Making use of the sharing of memories in a group setting, the scenic imaging provides a way through present conflicts. First results of this group psychotherapeutic concept indicate an impressive acceptance by the elderly patients and good access to current emotional processes.

Note: Article P Delius, Kronsforder Allee 27, D-23560 Lubeck, Germany

Keyword(s): memory images; scenic imaging; group psychotherapy with the elderly; autobiographical remembering

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