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January 2022

Toward an interparadigmatic dialogue on Goffman

Journal/Book: Sociol Perspect. 1996; 39: 55 Old Post RD-#2, PO Box 1678, Greenwich, CT 06836-1678. Jai Press Inc. 333-339.

Abstract: Many observers have lamented the fact that sociology continues to fragment into a number of allegedly incompatible theoretical camps. To countervail such sectarian tendencies. I suggest that we return to the writings of key thinkers in our field--here specifically Erving Goffman-and search for those findings, observations, concepts, or analyses which have found purchase across the discipline and which seemingly defy the forces of theoretical balkanization. This interparadigmatic dialogue on Goffman can be realized only if a concerted effort is made to bring together representatives of sociology's major theory groups to discuss their possibly varying interpretations of Goffman. Problems associated with launching such a unification project are discussed.

Note: Article JJ Chriss, Kansas Newman Coll, Dept Sociol, 3100 Mccormick Ave, Wichita, KS 67213 USA


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