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January 2022

Delayed visual feedback while learning to track a moving target

Author(s): Hall, C., Lee, T. D.

Journal/Book: Res Quart Exercise Sport. 1996; 67: 1900 Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091. Amer Alliance Health Phys Educ Rec & Dance. 416-423.

Abstract: Two studies investigated the effects of delayed visual feedback on manual tracking. In Experiment 1, individuals practiced with visual feedback provided either immediately (0 delay) or with a 333-ms delay. During acquisition, the 0 delay group performed with less error than the 333-ms delay group. A retention test with 0 delay feedback was performed with the least error by the 0 delay group. A transfer test using a different 0 delay tracking pattern, was performed with the least error by the 333-ms delay group. In Experiment 2, individuals practices at six different delays. Error increased as training feedback delay increased. For retention there were no differences between the delay groups during the 0 delay retention. At a 417-ms retention, test error decreased as training feedback delay increased. Results indicate that error during acquisition does not necessarily impair learning and that feedback delays can be beneficial for learning.

Note: Article Carnahan H, Univ Waterloo, Dept Kinesiol, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1, CANADA


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