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January 2022

The effect of audio, video, and paired audio-video stimuli on the experience of stress

Journal/Book: J Music Therapy. 1996; 33: 505 11TH St Se, Washington, DC 20003. Natl Assn Music Ther Inc. 248-260.

Abstract: This study was designed to measure subjects' ongoing experienced levels of stress as they received audio, video, or combined audio-video stimuli. Subjects used the Continuous Response Digital Interface (CRDI) with a graphic overlay previously developed in a study on musical tension (Madsen & Fredrickson, 1993) to approximate their level of stress prior to receiving treatment as well as to register varying levels of stress during treatment The stimulus used was an excerpt from a classical music video; the music was Aquarium by Saint-Saens and the visual aspect included an underwater filming of tropical sea life. Subjects were also asked to complete a questionnaire in which they were asked to describe the kind of music they generally listened to for relaxation, other activities used for relaxation purposes, and record perceived level of stress, their familiarity with, and enjoyment of, the excerpt presented. Results demonstrated that, for all three conditions, levels of stress were relatively low, and that for individuals recording initial high levels of stress, stimuli fended to decrease stress responses somewhat. There was no significant difference between beginning and ending stress responses for the audio and the video conditions. There was, however, a significant difference between beginning and ending stress responses for the combined audio-video condition. No condition seemed to be preferred over any other one. Classical, jazz/blues, easy listening, and pop music were most often quoted as types of music used for relaxation, while sports and reading were most often quoted as stress-reduction activities.

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