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May 2022

Is inpatient rehabilitation beneficial for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Results of a prospective one-year follow-up-study

Author(s): Wolf, C., Schwarz, F., Villiger, B., Buddeberg, C.

Journal/Book: Psychother Psychosom Med Psyc. 1996; 46: P O Box 30 11 20, D-70451 Stuttgart, Germany. Georg Thieme Verlag. 423-429.

Abstract: Success of inpatient therapy for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has been assessed in a prospective study of 54 patients (mean age=63,8y). During hospital stay (mean duration= 27,6d) FEV1% of predicted improved from 42,5% on admission to 51,9% on discharge (p<0.001). Quality of Life (QoL) (p<0.05) and Health Satisfaction (p<0.001) improved significantly. The 22 drop-outs revealed a significantly more depressive coping strategy but did not differ from the remaining 32 patients regarding lung function, sociodemographic data and QoL. One year after the hospital stay the remaining 32 patients showed a still improved FEV1% (46,4%, p<0.05) and Health Satisfaction (<0.05) but QoL scores relapsed to entry levels. Better pulmonary long-term effects were achieved by patients with high QoL scores on entry; subjects that tended most to wishful thinking as a coping strategy had worse pulmonary outcome.

Note: Article Buchi S, Univ Spital Zurich, Psychiat Poliklin, ABT Psychosoziale Med, Culmannstr 8, CH-8091 Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Keyword(s): COPD; pulmonary rehabilitation; long-term effects; predictors; quality of life coping; QUALITY-OF-LIFE; OUTCOMES; PROGRAM; HEALTH

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