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May 2022

The impact of adolescent suicide on siblings and parents: A longitudinal follow-up

Author(s): Moritz, G., Bridge, J., Perper, J., Canobbio, R.

Journal/Book: Suicide Life-Threaten Behav. 1996; 26: 72 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012. Guilford Press. 253-259.

Abstract: The psychiatric sequelae of loss of a family member to suicide were evaluated in parents and siblings of adolescent suicide victims and controls, who were followed up to 3 years after the suicide. Siblings did not show an increased risk for the development of depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or other conditions over the course of followup, despite showing a prolonged elevated level of grief symptomatology. Mothers showed an increased rate of recurrence of depression over follow-up, whereas fathers did not show an increased incidence of disorder compared to fathers of controls. The interrelationship of bereavement and depression for siblings, parents, and others exposed to suicide is discussed.

Note: Article DA Brent, Univ Pittsburgh, Sch Med, Western Psychiat Inst & Clin, 3811 Ohara St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA


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