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January 2022

Origins and early development of perception, action, and representation

Journal/Book: Annu Rev Psychol. 1996; 47: 4139 El Camino Way, PO Box 10139, Palo Alto, CA 94303-0139. Annual Reviews Inc. 431-459.

Abstract: Research relevant to the origins and early development of two functionally dissociable perceptual systems is summarized. One system is concerned with the perceptual control and guidance of actions, the other with the perception and recognition of objects and events. Perceptually controlled actions function in real time and are modularly organized. Infants perceive where they are and what they are doing. By contrast, research on object recognition suggests that even young infants represent some of the defining features and physical constraints that specify the identify and continuity of objects. Different factors contribute to developmental changes within the two systems; it is difficult to generalize from one response system to another; and neither perception, action, nor representation qualifies as ontogenetically privileged. All three processes develop from birth as a function of intrinsic processing constraints and experience.

Note: Review BI Bertenthal, Univ Virginia, Dept Psychol, Gilmer Hall, Charlottesville, VA 22903 USA

Keyword(s): perceptual development; motor development; conceptual development; cognitive development; sensorimotor development; perception action; representation; HAND MOUTH COORDINATION; PARTLY OCCLUDED OBJECTS; PURSUIT EYE-MOVEMENTS; HUMAN INFANTS; NEWBORN-INFANTS; OPTICAL-FLOW; AUDITORY LOCALIZATION; 3-DIMENSIONAL FORM; WALKING INFANTS; YOUNG INFANTS

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