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June 2022

Talent beyond words: Identification of potential talent in dance and music in elementary students

Author(s): Owen, S. V., Oreck, B. A.

Journal/Book: Gifted Child Quart. 1996; 40: 1155 15TH St NW, Ste 1002, Washington, DC 20005. Natl Assoc Gifted Children. 93-101.

Abstract: We present evidence for the reliability and validity of the Talent Identification Instrument (TII), an observation process in music and dance in which multiple judges rate students throughout a multisession audition. The approach was designed to recognize previously overlooked abilities in urban elementary students, including low income, bilingual, and special education students. The TII observation process was designed to evoke artful behaviors that can be readily recognized by arts specialists and classroom teachers. We found strong agreement among raters and adequate stability estimates. Evidence for validity was obtained through factor analysis and a variety of construct validity procedures. The performance-based assessment described here may have implications for discovering hidden potential in academic as well as artistic domains.

Note: Article BA Oreck, Artsconnect, in Sch Programs, 120 W 46TH St, New York, NY 10036 USA

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