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May 2022

The role of optimism in patients with tinnitus and in patients with hearing impairment

Journal/Book: Psychol Health. 1996; 11: C/O Stbs Ltd, PO Box 90, Reading, Berks, England RG1 8JL. Harwood Acad Publ GmbH. 697-707.

Abstract: Optimism was investigated in a sample of audiology clinic patients, consisting of one group of tinnitus sufferers (N = 30) and one group of hearing impaired subjects not experiencing tinnitus (N = 44). Optimism was measured by the Life Orientation Test CLOT). In the tinnitus group the LOT correlated significantly with measures of tinnitus related distress and in the hearing impaired group with measures of disability and emotional reactions due to the hearing impairment. Cronbach's alphas for the measures used were generally high. Principal components analysis of the LOT confirmed earlier findings by showing two separate factors; one with the positively worded LOT items reflecting the presence of optimism and one with the negatively worded LOT items reflecting the presence of pessimism. The results indicate that dispositional optimism is an usable concept in research with audiological samples, and that optimism is related with tinnitus distress and experienced disability and emotional reactions due to hearing impairment. Further research should investigate the possible role of personality factors in tinnitus and hearing impairment.

Note: Article Andersson G, Univ Uppsala, Dept Clin Psychol, Box 1225, S-75142 Uppsala, SWEDEN

Keyword(s): dispositional optimism; tinnitus; hearing impairment; life orientation test; NEGATIVE AFFECTIVITY; COGNITIVE THERAPY; HEALTH; STRESS; PESSIMISM; PREVALENCE; EXPERIENCE; STRATEGIES; COMPLAINTS; VARIABLES

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