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June 2022

Activation of human gamma delta T-cells by heat-treated mistletoe plant extracts.

Journal/Book: Immol-Lett. 52 (2-3), 69-72. 1996;

Abstract: Various microorganisms including mycobacteria, other bacteria, andparasites such as Plasmodium falciparum are known to activate humangammadelta T-cells in vitro. In this study, we demonstrate thatheat-treated (but not untreated) mistletoe extracts similarly stimulatehuman gammadelta T-cells during in vitro culture. The responding T-cellsexpress the variable T-cell receptor elements Vgamma9 and Vdelta2. Thegammadelta-stimulating activity of heat-treated mistletoe extracts issensitive to treatment with alkaline phosphatase but not with proteinaseK, indicating that the ligands are non-proteinaceousphosphate-containing compounds. Mistletoe-derived ligands share thesefeatures with the previously defined mycobaeteria-derived ligands forgammadelta T-cells.

Keyword(s): Medical:lymphocyte-activation

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