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May 2022

Spasmolytic activity of medicinal plants used for the treatment of disorders involving smooth muscles

Journal/Book: Phytotherapy Research 10 (SPL1), 107-108. 1996;

Abstract: Sixteen hydroalcoholic extracts (methanol-water, 50:50 v/v), obtained byplants selected on the basis of medicinal folklore, were studied fortheir antispasmodic activity using the guinea-pig ileum. Among these,only four plants (Angelica arcangelica roots, Eucalyptus globulusleaves, Aesculus hippocastanum skinned seeds, Lavandula angustifoliaflowering tops) reduced significantly (p < 0.05-0.01) the spontaneouscontractions of the circular smooth muscle at concentrations rangingfrom 100 to 800 mug/ml (IC50: 265-738 mug/ml) and inhibitedacetylcholine and barium chloride-induced contractions of thelongitudinal smooth muscle at concentrations of 50-800 mug/ml (IC50:137-598). Angelica archangelica was found as the most active plant(IC50: 146-265 mug/ml).

Keyword(s): Medical:ileum

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