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January 2022

Isolation and partial characterization of a small chitin- binding lectin from mistletoe (VISCUM ALBUM)

Journal/Book: FEBS Letters 396 (2-3), 261-265. 1996;

Abstract: A novel lectin, called VisalbCBA, was isolated from European mistletoe(Viscum album). This lectin differs completely from the classicalgalactose/N-acetylgalactosamine-binding mistletoe lectins MLI, MLII andMLIII. Biochemical analyses indicated that VisalbCBA is a dimericprotein composed of two identical subunits of approx. 10 kDa. VisalbCBAexhibits specificity towards oligomers of N-acetylglucosamine and showssequence homology to the previously isolated chitin-binding plantproteins. Although VisalbCBA is less toxic than the other mistletoelectins, it definitely exhibits cytotoxic properties. The possibleinvolvement of VisalbCBA in the biological and therapeutic effects ofmistletoe is discussed.

Keyword(s): Medical:phytochemistry

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