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(Study of plant lectins from Viscum album using monoclonal antibodies).

Journal/Book: Mol-Biol (Mosk) 1995 May-Jun, VOL: 29 (3), P: 619-26, ISSN: 0026-8984.. 1996;

Abstract: Monoclonal antibodies (monAT) against both native (TA5, TB12) anddenatured (TB33, TB35) plant toxin ML1 from Viscum album have beenobtained. The interaction of monAT against native toxin with itsisoforms ML2 and ML3 was investigated. It was shown that monAT TA5 toA-chain of ML1 toxin cross-reacted with ML2 and ML3 isoforms. TA5 didnot inhibit enzyme activity of A-chain in cell-free rabbit reticulocytesystem. It was shown that monAT TB12 reacted with galactose-binding siteof B-subunit. Both monAT had no cross-reactions with plant toxin ricin.The binding constants for TA5 with ML1, ML2, ML3 respectively were4.3.10(7) M-1, 1.2.10(7) M-1, and 0.3.10(7) M-1. The binding constantsfor TB12 were 2.10(7) M-1 with ML1 toxin, and more than 10(6) M-1 withML2 and ML3. The nature of heterogeneity in ML toxin family isdiscussed. Test-systems for ML1 determination in different V. albumextracts are suggested. Author.

Keyword(s): ALPHA-FETOPROTEINS/PD (pharmacology)

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